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These days you are able to do many things with your images besides traditional printing. On the following pages you will find many examples and ideas to do more with your images.

Transfer your images onto T-Shirts , Mugs , Place Mats , Teddy Bears etc...

There are two main processes for transferring images, one for soft materials and the other for hard surfaces. We use all the latest printable materials to produce the best looking products at realistic prices with a minimum order of 1.

Whether for Business promotions, Family occasions, Stag and Hen nights or just for a bit of fun, a gift or accessory personalised with your own photo or logo is sure to make an impact.

PopTrait and Collage Posters

Create a stunning PopArt style poster from any image, ideally head and shoulders, and have your own personalised art. Alternatively you can create a Collage of 35 images to commemorate a great holiday, special event, childs progress or maybe just a year in pictures.

Save your Precious Memories on Disk and more...

As well as providing your images on CD or DVD, we can create a “You on TV” disk that can include images mixed in with movie clips, from most digital cameras, with a choice of numerous music tracks for that professional feel. This DVD is playable on any DVD player capable of playing DVD-R disks.

Canvas Prints

Create your own photographic masterpiece. Printed on heavy weight artists canvas an image has a unique look and feel which can enhance your photograph and create a wonderful object to display in your home. Images are stretched over wooden stretcher bars and can either be mounted so that the picture wraps around the sides of the stretcher or just stops at the front edge. All images are sealed and the stretched print is supplied with an appropriate hanger, all you have to do is provide a picture hook and a wall to hang it on.

Inkjet Poster Prints

Create a print in anything up to A1 size. Great for a reminder of a great holiday, event, pet or for a bit of fun at birthdays, weddings etc...


If there is something you would like us to do that you can’t find in this list please ask us, we are always looking for new ideas and may already be able to oblige. If not we will do our best to find a way to help.


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